When we think of hormone imbalances we typically think of women suffering from clinically diagnosed issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) or women going through perimenopause or menopause. But, did you know it is estimated that up to 80% of women actually suffer from some form of hormonal imbalance?

And since having balanced hormones has everything to do with being able to lose fat, we are guessing you want to know more. So today we are going to introduce you to 4 hormones that are crucial for weight loss.
But first…
What causes hormone imbalances?
We are constantly inundated with factors that contribute to hormone imbalances. Not only do diet, exercise, sleep, and stress impact hormone health, but exposure to outside chemicals and medications can also throw our systems into a tailspin.
From the plastic container you store your food in to the cleanser and moisturizer you use on your face to the meat you eat at dinner, you are constantly bombarded by endocrine disruptors. These are chemicals that disrupt our hormones… sometimes by increasing or decreasing levels, sometimes by mimicking hormones, sometimes by changing a hormone into a different hormone.
It’s no wonder 80% of us are struggling with some kind of hormone imbalance.
What does this mean for your weight?
If you are frustrated with your weight and have been unable to lose fat then look no further. The culprit very well may be your hormones. Hormone imbalance is a leading contributor to weight issues. You have 4 main hormones that must be balanced in order for you to lose fat and keep it off.
Estrogen. Estrogen dominance is one of the most common issues for women and you guessed it, typically leads to weight gain and trouble losing weight.  Estrogen dominance is when you have too much estrogen compared to your progesterone. Many of those endocrine disruptors we were talking about are something called environmental estrogens. These chemicals act like estrogen in your body and throw your estrogen and progesterone balance all out of whack.
Insulin is the hormone that helps regulate your blood sugar. If you are overweight or eat sugary or processed foods frequently your insulin levels get thrown off and you will have a hard time losing weight.
Leptin is a hormone produced by your fat cells. It’s job is to tell your brain when you are full. The problem is most of the foods in our diet are highly processed and filled with sugar, which causes an excess of leptin and creates leptin resistance. Once you develop leptin resistance your brain no longer listens to the signal that you are full so you keep eating.
Coritsol is your stress hormone. Since you, like most of modern society, are probably inundated all day long with internal and external stressors your body is flooded with excess cortisol. This can cause a number of health issues, one of which is storing excess belly fat.
So, as you can see, hormones are everything when it comes to your weight.  If you have been struggling to lose the fat and don’t know what you are doing wrong, this could be your answer. Remember, an estimated 80% of women suffer from some type of hormone imbalance. Without properly balanced hormones weight loss will be nothing but an uphill battle.