Are you familiar with chakras?

If not, you’re probably wondering what a chakra is and why the heck we’d be talking about it in a community for fertility.

Well, let me explain…

First, this is not some sort of new age, woo woo stuff. There are actual scientific studies supporting the role chakras play in our health and vitality… so keep an open mind here. 

Simply put, chakras are energy centers distributed throughout the body. The 7 main chakras are located along the spine. 

These chakras help distribute energy (Qi) throughout the body and each of the 7 are associated with specific functions. 

The Root Chakra

The root chakra is just as it sounds… the root of the body. When this chakra is aligned you feel firmly grounded. When it’s out of alignment you tend to feel anxious, depressed, stressed or unsettled.

Since you are likely most interested in how chakras impact your fertility, we will only focus on 2 of the 7 chakras for now…

While this chakra is not directly related to reproduction and fertility, if the root is out of balance it results in the other chakras being out of balance. So, the root must always be addressed first. 

Plus, the root chakra is associated with the adrenal glands (think stress response) and if you’ve followed us for any length of time then you know how inexplicably the adrenal glands are tied to hormonal balance and reproductive health. (See more on that HERE)

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra, also known as the second chakra, is the one tied to your reproductive organs and health. This chakra is located in the lower abdomen between your navel and pelvic bone and is tied to sexuality, creativity, partnership, and fertility.

When this chakra is blocked you may feel a lack of creativity, loneliness, or detachment. Physically, blockage of this chakra may manifest as low sex drive, menstrauation issues for women and sperm issues for men, as well as infertility. 

Opening the Chakras

While the most effective way I have found to open chakras is by using professionals (such as reiki therapists), there are techniques you can do on your own as well. Here are a few…

Breath Work

Practicing breathing techniques with intention can open and restore your chakras. Take deep, conscious breaths with the inhale directing energy to the chakra of focus. During exhales focus on awareness and understanding of the chosen chakra.


Journaling is a powerful healing tool for many reasons. In this case, taking the time to focus on your thoughts and feelings with no judgement can expel pent up energy and blockages that are keeping you stuck. Since the sacral chakra is connected with creativity, engaging in any form of creative activity can help unblock the chakra. 


Meditation is all the rage these days, but for good reason. Its links to both physical and emotional healing are well-studied and numerous. Meditation is also a good method for releasing negative energy and bringing in new, positive energy. Both of which will help to balance chakras. When working on chakras, using specific guided meditations designed to help open chakras is best. 


Yoga’s benefits for fertility are vast. From stress relief to improved circulation to chakra alignment, yoga is a WIN – WIN – WIN for improving fertility. Each chakra has specific yoga positions that can help to tune and align it. For this reason, yoga is an incredibly powerful tool for aligning chakras.