Hi everyone! I’m Melissa and I am so excited to introduce myself to you!  I am a nutritionist, wife, and mom to an incredible 3 year old boy and a new baby girl.  Growing up I was crippled with anxiety.  I had bouts of depression and a ton of digestive issues that despite many medications and various doctors, no one could figure out.  I was terrified of the idea of ever getting pregnant because I was concerned about post partum depression (PPD), and how would my body and gut react to a pregnancy with all my digestive issues?  I was exhausted and lethargic on a daily basis.  It wasn’t until I completely changed my diet that I was able to reclaim my life.  After a complete nutrition overhaul, I came off of 95% of my medications, my depression is in the past, my anxiety very rarely creeps back into my life, I have energy, and my digestive issues are light years better!  I had an incredible pregnancy with what my doctors described as “textbook weight gain and vitals”.  I made it through without PPD and had no trouble getting back to my preconception weight.  Changing the way I eat has truly changed my life and I am forever grateful for the power of nutrition!

Hi there, this is Kia!  I am a Nutritionist, wife, and mom to two amazing kids – my 8 year old son and 5 year old daughter. Let me tell you, these two babies did not come easily. If you landed here because you are struggling with infertility or multiple miscarriages, trust me when I tell you I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Like most young, naive women, I got married and thought starting a family would just come next. After 12 long years of infertility, including four miscarriages, I am no longer that naive.

During those 12 long years I tried nearly everything, including infertility treatments. Nothing worked until I finally got fed up and dove into all the research myself. Once I figured out that I had a long standing hormone imbalance I was finally able to find the SOLUTION. After figuring out the “secret sauce” and making the necessary changes, I was happily and healthily pregnant within 6 months and gave birth to a perfect baby boy shortly after my 36th birthday. Three years later I was pregnant again (again without medical help) and gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on the morning of my 39th birthday.

I have now devoted my life to helping other women overcome the pain of infertility and miscarriage through nutrition. I can’t wait to help you overcome your infertility and finally realize the dream of being a mom!

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